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At Perfect Love VIP we offer an exclusive matchmaking service designed to help you find your ideal and compatible partner. Someone with whom you can share your values and passion for life.

If you have a limited time to invest in dating or it is too time consuming, we present you a professional method to find your perfect partner.

Our agency is formed by expert professionals and they are looking forward to welcoming you to a new love.

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I am Lucía Moretti, professional matchmaker

Mi name is Lucía Moretti. I am an emotionally intelligent coach, a holistic therapist in Reiki and NLP and a professional Matchmaker.
My greatest wish is to make the world a home with more love. That is where my work comes in, actively searching for the person who fits you perfectly.


We have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

T he romantic idea of one day meeting the ideal and compatible person with whom to share love is the dream of many. We use a filter where we look for a specific type of partner, a love to live in fullness. This is one of the most perfect gifts that someone can receive in life. As far as we know, this can happen at any time whether on a trip to Barcelona, in a cafe in Paris or in Venice, the capital of love. But the reality is that this possibility is very remote.

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“Pouco depois de ter entrado nesta agência, conheci uma mulher maravilhosa. Embora vivêssemos em países diferentes, a distância não era um problema. Decidimos dar a nós mesmos uma chance, pois não há distância para o amor. Graças ao Perfect Love VIP”

Samuel D.

“Shortly after joining this agency I met a wonderful woman. Although we lived in different countries, distance was not a problem. We decided to give ourselves a chance, for love there is no distance. Thanks to Perfect Love VIP”

Samuel D.

“Poco tiempo después de entrar en esta agencia conocí a una mujer maravillosa. Aunque vivíamos en distinto país, la distancia no ha sido un problema. Decidimos darnos una oportunidad, para el amor no hay distancia. Gracias a Perfect Love VIP”

Samuel D.

About our agency

Imagine that your love is in another country. Our commitment is to choose a real and stable partner for you. For this reason we will advise you in our agency Perfect Love VIP. We will carry out a personalized selection intertwining hearts with the maximum discretion and commitment. Our greatest happiness is to bring people together.


“You will find a totally personalized and confidential treatment”

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